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Big Little White Lies by Carol Chehade
Echoes of the Old Darkland -Charles S Finch
Ancient Egypt the Light of the World - [2 vols.] Gerald Massey
Gerald Massey's Lectures - Gerald Massey
African origins of the Major "Western" Religions - Yosef ben-Jochannan
Black man of the Nile and His Family - Yosef ben-Jochannan
African origins of the Major World's Religions - Amon Sakaana [Ed]
History of Africa - K Shillington
The Scramble for Africa - T Pakenham
Civilisation or Barbarism - Cheikh Anta Diop
The Black Man's Burden - B Davidson
African Origins of Civilisation: Myth or Reality? - Cheikh Anta Diop
Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth - John Jackson
Man, God & Civilisation - John Jackson
Pagan and Christian Creeds - Edward Carpenter
World's 16 Crucified Saviours - Kersey Greaves
The Passover Plot - Hugh Schonfield
African Presence in Early Europe - Ivan Van Sertima
African Presence in Early Asia - Runuko Rashidi, Ivan Van Sertima
Egypt Revisited - Ivan Van Sertima
Rituals of Power and Rebellion - Hollis Liverpool
Who is this King of Glory? - Alvin Boyd Kuhn
Forgery in Christianity - Joseph Wheless
The Dark Side of Christian History - Helen Ellerbie
Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets - Barbara G Walker
Sex and Race [vol. 1] - J A Rogers
When God was a Woman - Merlin Stone
Gods of the Egyptians - Sir E A Wallis-Budge
From Fetish to God in Ancient Egypt - E A Wallis-Budge
Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Papyrus of Ani - E A Wallis-Budge
The Golden Bough [13 vols.] - James Frazer
Black Athena [vol. 1] - Martin Bernal
Nubia : Corridor to Africa by William Yewdale Adams
The Negro in Greek and Roman Civilization by G. M. Beardsley
Black Orpheus, Transition, and Modern Cultural Awakening in Africa
   by Peter Benson
Must God Remain Greek? : Afro Cultures and God-Talk by Robert E. Hood
The Find of a Lifetime : Sir Arthur Evans and the Discovery of
by Sylvia L. Horowitz, Sylvia L. Horwitz
Cadmean Letters : The Transmission of the Alphabet to the Aegean
    and Further West Before 1400 B.C.
by Martin Bernal
Graeco-Africana : Studies in the History of Greek Relations With Egypt
    and Nubia
by Stanley M. Burstein
Mysteries of the Past by Lionel Casson
Black Folk Here and There : An Essay in History and Anthropology (Afro
    -American Culture and Society Monograph Ser Vol. 9)
by St. Clair Drake
The birth of civilization in the Near East by Henri Frankfort
Africa and Africans As Seen by Classical Writers by Joseph E. Harris
Lies My Teacher Told Me - James Loewen
The Price of the Ticket - James Baldwin
The Ethnic Myth - Stephen Steinberg
Turning Back - Stephen Steinberg
Black Wealth/White Wealth - Melvin Oliver and Thomas Shapiro
The Wages of Whiteness - David Roediger
Equality - William Ryan
Inequality by Design - Claude S. Fischer
White Racism - Joe Feagin and Hernan Vera
The Autobiography of Malcolm X. - Malcolm X and Alex Haley
Killing Rage - Bell Hooks
A People's History of the United States - Howard Zinn
A Little Matter of Genocide - Ward Churchill
Women, Race and Class - Angela Davis
500 Years of Chicano History - Elizabeth Martinez
A Different Mirror - Ronald Takaki
American Apartheid - Douglas Massey and Nancy Denton
Savage Inequalities - Jonathan Kozol
Amazing Grace - Jonathan Kozol
How the Irish Became White - Noel Ignatiev
Memoir of a Race Traitor - Mab Segrest
Black Boy - Richard Wright
How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America - Manning Marable

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Ben Jochannan
From Afrikan Captives to Insane Slaves: The Need for Afrikan History in Solving the 'Black' Mental Health Crisis in 'America' and the World - by Yosef Ben-Jochannan

African Origins of Major Western Religions
African Origins of Major 'Western Religions' - by Yosef A.A. Ben-Jochannan

The African Origin of Civilization
The African Origin of Civilization : Myth or Reality - by Cheikh Anta Diop, Mercer Cook (Editor)

Black spark white fire
Black Spark, White Fire: Did African Explorers Civilize Ancient Europe? - by Richard Poe

Introduction to African Civilizations by John G. Jackson, Runoko Rashidi, John Henrik Clarke
Introduction to African Civilizations by John G. Jackson, Runoko Rashidi, John Henrik Clarke