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April 11, 2021, 10:17:23 PM
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Author Topic: George Soros and other travesties  (Read 4236 times)
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« on: December 18, 2003, 12:39:28 AM »

     Committing millions to ‘bring down George Bush.’ Strategizing with Democratic leaders on the future of the Party. Howard Dean supporter. Denouncing global capitalism. Committing over $5 billion to ‘support democracy’ in Africa, Asia, and South America. Generously funding alternative media in the United States (he gave hole-in the wall $30 million.) Crusading against the death penalty. For the decriminalization of drugs. Donating $30 million to after-school programs in the Bronx. And a billionaire to boot.  Do an internet search and meet the new darling of the ‘liberal media.’

But wait. Keep scrolling. Council on Foreign Relations. Carlyle Group. Kissinger. Rothschilds. BCCI.  Crashing world financial markets. Political and financial hi-jinks in Bosnia and all over Eastern Europe and Russia.

Now what is a great progressive crusader doing as a member of the Carlyle Group?  Along with the Bushes, Bin Ladens, James Baker, and Donald Rumsfeld?  Welcome to the New World Order.

I know this story. How I know it is being horrified by the pillage of Central and South America in the 70’s and 80’s.  I did some research back then and I learned about the covert network of old European banking families, new world capitalists, and spooks and spies and weapons and drug merchants of all stripes that coalesced into their present form after World War II amid the ruins of Europe. They snuck former Nazis out of Europe and turned Latin America into a torture chamber. In the ostensible ‘fight against Communism’ they tortured and murdered millions. They brought down governments all across the planet, to further global corporate interests. These are the ‘New World Order’ architects, Christians, Muslims, and Jews united in a brotherhood of the rich. There is not an American president since Kennedy without ties to them.

Of course the more research ones does, the further back one can see the roots of this ‘cabal,’ all the way back to Medieval Europe and the first bankers. Yes these are the people who brought you Columbus, the slave trade, and the ‘scramble for Africa,’ not to mention the heroin and cocaine trade. But you have to do this research for yourselves, because you can simply discount me as paranoid unless you do.

What is so dangerous now are their ‘kinder gentler’ tactics on the public stage. George Soros is buying the Democratic Party to ‘bring down Bush.’
I heard an interesting thing on National Public Radio today.  5 Democratic Senators from the South are leaving office. If  Dean is nominated, it is a certainty that those seats will be lost to the Democrats. The one place a Yankee ‘liberal’ will never win is the South.  Well despite the rosy predictions of liberal pundits Dean cannot possibly win the Presidency, unless the ones pulling the strings want him to. So really, whether Mr.Soros gives millions to Bush or to Dean the result is the same. The advantage to New World Order fascists of a figure like Soros penetrating  American leftist media is obvious. I guess it’s only the few paranoids like myself who are disturbed by any of this.

I wish ones would remember how Carter floundered amidst the bloodbath of El Salvador, the murder of Allende, and the ‘October Surprise.’ Or the fact that Clinton bombed Iraq every single day of his eight years, bombed Afghanistan, bombed Sudan for good measure.

What takes my breath away these days is leftist magazines like The Progressive and The Nation behaving as if the be-all and end-all of Western Civilization is ‘getting rid of Bush.’  Either they are woefully naïve or wicked. WHAT IS BUSH?  He is the empty figurehead for a vast global corporate and financial network. He and even his daddy are pretty small potatoes in the order of these things, at best cops for the kings. They are expendable. As is the United States itself.

But I have already said too much. You will just think I’m raving. Do the research: Iran Contra. Watergate. Cuba. Chile. Bolivia. Iran. Guatemala. Nugan Hand Bank, Continental of Illinois, Banco D’Ambrosiano, Paul Marcinkus, the World Anti-Communist League, Council on Foreign Relations, Kissinger…you can almost start anywhere. You will learn much that I don’t know. Once I got the picture I stopped looking at all the little details. They were making me sick.

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