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Journey Back Home To Africa  
July 20, 2003
by Tracey

As I travel this path... the threads of history weave its tapestry. Memory of pieces from ancient beginnings contributes their essence up to the present time of being, where woven patterns reveal the many spectrums of culture, and colors.

The dreams I had in the past now makes sense as I see how they represented the journey of the Self through many transformations of being an African from many lifetimes ago. Paintings...or "soul utterances" spill out all over the canvas as symbols give birth to hidden meanings. The past meets the present and I acquaint my Self to myself through this lifetime and in this form.

Major shifts in life transform the landscape of my inner terrain, as the ancient seed impregnated long ago bursts forth and pushes straight up and through the many layers of death and decay to what now lay fertile ground for the heart and soul of the Universal Self.

Perfect Wife

Africa calls her children back home to reconcile their root to mankind. Not reconcile to claim Africa's land but reconcile to reclaim lost memory and reconnect to the Source of human Origins. This is the call for those with ears to hear.

Soul journey has taken many forms to fulfill the destiny. This time (personally) in the physical form of a white woman... as Self begins to reveal its truth through many realizations and experiences along the way. Ancient symbols from the past, attest much to the present, and reveal history from where I came... all these bearing great significance to what IS and what stands today.

Remembrance gives birth to catharsis, and change becomes inevitable. What once was... or was once told... no longer seems to fit, in a world of contrasting truths from lies. What moves me forward to the Universal call is a response from memory that traverses time and space, and gives rise to powerful instincts and intuition aligned to hear the ancient voice from African beginnings. I see it... know it... feel it and accept it, in spite of my mental conditioning that tells me NO... this cannot be... you don't belong here... you are an outsider forever looking in. Yet gut feelings stand beyond questioning and give rise to answers instead. Answers that reveal my true authentic Self, my REAL identity within the context of TRUE history.

Now this is not about some white chick claiming to be black... No. Let us not misunderstand the point... the point being made is within the realms of understanding the "natural order" of things and of developing the Universal Self... for if ones are willing to trace back to human origins... there it is... there we are... seeds from Africa. Therefore, let us begin to put things in there proper perspective as it is crucial for us all to know where it is we come from in order for us to fully understand where it is we are going.

One must align themselves with the patterns of nature and deal with whatever the physical genetic codes of their inherent makeup IS... and so it is for this reason one can fully understand the BIG picture in its entirety, and grasp the dynamics of race, gender, culture, and history. It is important to accept responsibility for what that means... for here-in lies a much greater purpose... to claim the truth of history and thus liberate real Self for the service of humanity.

White man may have acquired most of the material wealth but he is morally starved and spiritually poor... he has in essence sold his Soul to the devil by severing and disconnecting himself from the very Source of his Divine creation. As a result, he is but a shell of a human being, trying to create another pseudo world in HIS own false image. This only stands to attest to the pathetic echo and ego of his true authentic Self. It is for this reason... it is just... that the victims of White excesses reclaim that which has been taken, stolen, corrupted and misrepresented... as it is from this REAL awareness that comes the responsibility as a white person to compensate and leave the victims of white excesses and abuses to charter their own course. It is ones right to move on this here earth without the symbols of whiteness dictating over them. Some of us whites within this white system see this and know this, and must now choose to act and react another way to rise to a higher level of balance. As we begin to see things as they are and from a proper perspective... with a clear mind we can then choose, White privilege or human service.

And so... the scales begin to fall from the eye as the veil lifts and one begins to see. The developing Self embraces all forms of wisdom, knowledge, and truth, which in turn open the door to take us back home. It is here where the order and process of "aligned history" reveals its higher functions within the understanding of the Self and within it's proper context. Here, there are no taking pieces out of the story in order to create abstract pieces of truths based on lies to support any notions of superiority. By disconnecting or disassociating oneself from one's Source there lies a great travesty to humankind.

It is only from this point that we can truly begin to see who we really are, and acknowledge what we have benefited or suffered from within the context and culmination of our collective history from the very beginning of time. Without this awareness there will be no natural order... no justice... no peace. This is the starting point... the point from which the true authentic Self develops and makes manifests it's Truth... from the Alpha to the Omega... and yes... everything in between.


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