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Jahweh says to Mahweh

'I want to touch you.'
Mahweh reply
'I never will say no'
and so they go
neverending engendering
rending then remembering.

She spreads herself before him
For she is ocean
He sets her shimmering
For he is sun

Together they are cloud rain thunder
They rip the sky asunder
She trembles
Mountains rise
He growls
Fire crackles the air

He plows her darkness
Turns her over and over she cries
'you are my only lover!'

she bursts into fruit
his seed took root

their sighs in syncrony
vibrate a higher frequency
they rise entwined infinity sign
the fuitful vine
ears prick up everywhere

Jahweh laugh-there is song
Mahweh kiss-there is bread
Touch and taste all is fed
And begin again love without end


Jahweh speaks to Mahweh:

'It is good,'
and she reply, with lowered eye
'It is my love for you.'

Jahweh laugh, 'my bashful one
So brazen when I bed you!
I come to you again, again,
as on the night I wed you.
So it shall be for our children,
I consecrate them to you:
you shall be their Wisdom,
all of me that's knowable,
but they will pay your pride-price too
lost tossing in your tangles
to pin you, to win you...'

Mahweh purr 'My darkness is
for you to prick,
my desire for you
knows no end. Husband,
make it so for them.
Let me stand at their gates
And call out the way.'

Jahweh, stern, 'Those will remember us who will.
Those who do not
Will learn.'
'Ah a true Papa!' Mahweh tease.
I'll see to them meantime.
Now, touch me please.'

Jahweh plow Mahweh moist.
Buds pop on the vines.
Mahweh sprawl
Inviting all
And the barrels burst
With wine.

If one looks into the Bible closely enough one finds the feminine principle there. In the Hebrew scripture she is the Shekhinah, the Glory of God. She is the light that illuminates Moses' face when he descends from Mt. Sinai. In the Proverbs and the apocryphal book The Wisdom of Solomon, the Greeks called her Sophia, Wisdom, the immanent aspect of divinity, or, if you will, The Great Mother. In the New Testament the three Marys appear, the female trinity with Mary Magdalene, the sacred prostitute as its head. She, not the Virgin Mary, is the Great Mother. This is the Meri of Egyptian tradition, of whom there are also three.

And there is a far far older story, its antiquity so great that scholrs date it back as much as 300,000 years. It is from the Yoruba in West Africa, the the place these same scholars are sure is the site of Atlantis.

Yemenja to Olukun

I am the waves of the sea
but You are its depths.
It is You who accounts
for my fecundity.
You hold me up to the light
so that I sparkle.
When You are stern it is I who storms
and destroys many things.
When You come to me with joy
it is I who bestows,
yielding up treasures to the shores
of the human world.
You are the Source and the destination,
I the Love which shows the way.
It is You who makes me Mother,
all these babes to tend,
and You are the dark well I drink from,
so that Love has no end.
My breats are never empty
for I sip from Your cup
and I am always beautiful
for it is You who makes me so.
You are known by many names,
but one is for my lips alone.
You are inside as I ride
astride You
from the first day to this,
You the throne.
Surrender is not for me to choose,
for there is nothing else.
I yield glad from my womb
again and again.
There is no end.

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