Terrorism Debate Enrages Iraqi Victims

By Michael Georgy Reuters: full article
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Some came on crutches. Others carried pictures of homes or vehicles shattered by explosions.

But none of the hundreds of Iraqis who gathered at a convention center Sunday for a conference for “victims of terrorism” believe they will win compensation after the U.S. occupation formally ends Wednesday.

“My son was killed by a bombing in Kerbala. I have tried to get compensation but nothing has worked. We are just hearing more talk today,” said Jamila Khilkhaz, 55.

…A packed conference sponsored by the independent Legal Rights Council quickly descended into anger as the group told victims that not everyone would be eligible for compensation.

Many left early, missing a brief appearance by interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, who promised his government would give the issue “great importance.”

Defining terrorism is tricky in a country where the laws of conflict mean nothing to people who have lost their relatives, or legs or homes to mortars, bullets or bombs.

Legal Rights Group left Iraqis with the impression they could only seek compensation if wounded by terrorists.

   …Allawi declined to say whether he shared the view that those hit by American weapons should also be regarded as victims of terrorism and compensated, saying he had to wait for the findings of the conference before commenting.

Now wait a minute. Just who is it that ‘laws of conflict mean nothing to’?? Since the US invasion of Iraq is every bit as illegal as Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, where are the UN sanctions and reparations? I know. Silly question.

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