Uzbek stories separated by an ocean

New York Times: Uzbeks Order U.S. From Base in Refugee Rift
WASHINGTON, July 30 – Uzbekistan formally ordered the United States to leave an air base that has been a hub for operations in Afghanistan in protest over a predawn United Nations operation on Friday to spirit out refugees who had fled an uprising in Uzbekistan in May, senior State Department officials said Saturday.

Karshi-Khanabad Air Base was a hub for actions in Afghanistan.
The officials said Uzbekistan had given the United States 180 days to close the base, which has played a central role in rooting out fighters of the Taliban and Al Qaeda and in carrying out relief operations.

BBC News: US asked to leave Uzbek air base
…Earlier this month, Russia, China and four Central Asian states demanded a timetable for US troop withdrawal from the region, saying military operations in Afghanistan were coming to an end.

Washington’s rivals for regional dominance, Russia and China, have made it clear they do not want to see US forces in the region on a permanent basis.

The Times article doesn’t say a word about Russia and China.

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