The Pathology of George Bush***By FIDEL CASTRO
[Castro begins the article by exposing the source of Bush’s bogus ‘Cuba is the center of the international sex trade’ story.]
…This obliges me to give a most serious and honest explanation of the causes, which in my view, give rise to these inconceivable, irresponsible statements by the President of the most powerful nation on the planet, the same who is threatening to wipe the Cuban revolution from the face of the Earth.

I shall do this as objectively as possible, making no arbitrary statements or shamelessly misconstruing other people’s words, sentences and concepts. I shall avoid any petty sentiment of vengeance or personal dislike.

A theme that has been widely documented in several books by outstanding American scientific authors and other personalities is the current US President’s alcoholism which lasted two decades when he was between 20 and 40 years old. This feature has been rigorously and impressively dealt with, from a psychiatric point of view and using scientific criteria, by Dr. Justin A. Frank in a now famous book called “Bush on the Couch”…full article

Castro goes on to cite a number of other books to give a psychological explanation for Bush’s freaky behavior. It must be nice to have a president who can write and speak and actually reads books

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