Vatican Says Modern Feminism Dangerous for Family

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Modern feminism’s fight for power and gender equality is undermining the traditional concept of family and creating a climate where gay marriages are seen as acceptable, the Vatican said Saturday.

In a 37-page document “On the Collaboration of Men and Women in the Church and in the World,” the Vatican said women should be respected and have equal rights in the workplace, but differences between the sexes must be recognized and exalted.

“Recent years have seen new approaches to women’s issues” including a tendency “to emphasize strongly conditions of subordination in order to give rise to antagonism,” it said.

The document, which re-stated Catholic Church positions, including the ban on female priests, said that many women felt they had to be “adversaries of men” in order to be themselves.

“Faced with the abuse of power, the answer for women is to seek power. This process leads to opposition between men and women … which has its most immediate and lethal effects in the structure of the family.”

The document is a booklet-letter to bishops by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican department in charge of safeguarding and interpreting doctrine.

It criticizes feminism’s attempt to erase gender differences.

This has “inspired ideologies which, for example, call into question the family in its natural two-parent structure of mother and father, and make homosexuality and heterosexuality virtually equivalent, in a new model of polymorphous sexuality,” it says. full article

Pope warns feminists Guardian UK
…According to a leaked extract, the document accuses feminists of “blurring the biological difference between man and woman”…

This is so funny on so many levels. My 92 year old dad tells me how his sisters used to run screaming from the confessionals in their little Spanish town when the monks from the nearby monastery came down off the mountain periodically to grope them. Then there’s the gay pedophile internet porn so popular these days on the monastery scene. ‘Polymorphous sexuality:’ it’s all the women’s fault. Wait a minute:what women??

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