Cuban-American says US backed his plan to raid Cuba: LA Times

LOS ANGELES: The US government secretly supplied weapons for an attempt to overthrow Cuban President Fidel Castro, which were seized from the home of a Cuban-American arrested for illegal arms sales, the man told The Los Angeles Times in an interview published Friday. Robert Ferro was arrested last week for illegal arms sales.

Police say he had 1,571 firearms and some hand grenades in secret compartments and hidden rooms in his estate, the report says.

In an interview (in jail) Thursday, Ferro, 61, contended that some of the high-powered weapons, including assault rifles, silencer-equipped handguns and Uzis, were supplied to him by the US government.

He said the weapons were supposed to be used in an attempt to oust Castro that would have coincided with US navy operations being conducted in the Caribbean Sea, the report said.

Obviously, now it will not take place, Ferro was quoted as saying. Those guns I had were very sophisticated weapons. It was for a fight. I was just trying to mimic what President Bush has done in Iraq, bring freedom to the country, Ferro was quoted as saying. I was born (in Cuba). I want to free them. I love freedom. I love (the US), and I want the same thing for my country, he added in the report.

Oh oh…the first of many copycat crimes…

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