Death toll from road accident in Afghanistan rises to 25

The death toll from a road accident involving a U.S. military convoy and Afghan civilians reached 25 on Monday.

The fatal accident, which took place in Sarai Shamali, some 10 km north of the Presidential Palace, also damaged 15 civilian vehicles, according to eyewitnesses.

Dozens others were also wounded in the accident.

Officials are yet to make any comment.

Mobs run riot in city seized by fury over US convoy collision
BLOODY riots flared across the Afghan capital yesterday as thousands marched in protest at the deaths of several passengers in a car involved in a collision with a US military convoy.
Security forces then reportedly shot dead demonstrators who had gathered at the accident site, sparking violent protest across the city. At least 14 people died and the Government introduced a night-time curfew.

Up to 2,000 people gathered in central Kabul, with groups marching on parliament, the presidential palace and Western missions, including the US and British embassies. Shops were looted and the offices of an aid agency ransacked. Protesters chanted ‘Death to America’ and burnt US flags as they fought running battles with police.

While chaos reigned in the capital, US bombers struck against Taleban positions in southern Helmand province, killing up to 50 people.

Five Canadian soldiers were wounded during a clash in the neighbouring province of Kandahar.

The day of unprecedented violence capped a fortnight of killing in which 500 people, mainly Taleban militants, are reported to have died.

Afghan parliament demands arrests after US crash

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