Israel has right to defend itself: White House

…”In any actions the government of Israel may undertake, the United States urges that it ensures that innocent civilians are not harmed and also that it avoid the unnecessary destruction of property and infrastructure,” he said.

The White House spokesman blamed Hamas for the events in Gaza but said “all parties ought to take every measure to restore the security situation in Gaza.

“The hostage-taking and the attacks by Hamas last weekend have precipitated the current events in Gaza,” he said. “As we have said since the attack, Hamas should release and return the kidnapped Israeli soldier immediately.

“It’s the responsibility of the Palestinian Authority to stop all acts of violence and terror,” Snow added. “Hamas has done the opposite: It’s been complicit in perpetrating violence, terror and hostage-taking.”

Israel threatens to kill exiled Hamas leaders
JERUSALEM (AFP) – Israel threatened to kill exiled Syrian-based leaders of the ruling Palestinian Hamas movement, blaming them for the kidnapping of a soldier by militants in the Gaza Strip.

To drive the point home, four Israeli warplanes overflew President Bashar al-Assad’s palace in northern Syria early Wednesday while the leader was inside.

“This operation was launched due to the support and protection Syria gives Hamas, which is responsible for the kidnapping of our soldiers,” an army spokeswoman said.

The action provided “a way for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to prove the long arm of the Israeli army,” said a report by Channel 10 television.

Apparently it extends all the way to the White House press room.

Seizure of Hamas MPs raises international alarm
…”We call on Israel to exercise utmost restraint in the current crisis,” the G8 foreign ministers said in a joint statement.

“The detention of elected members of the Palestinian government and legislature raises particular concerns.”

Shalit’s father hopes IDF raid won’t yield more casualties
Noam Shalit, the father of abducted Israel Defense Forces soldier Corporal Gilad Shavit, said Wednesday that his family believes that the government decided to carry out a military incursion in the Gaza Strip after deep consideration.

“The emphasis here is on an intelligent, rather than impassioned, operation,” Shalit said. “We would like no additional injuries, not among IDF troops and certainly not among innocent civilians on both sides, Israeli and Palestinian. This is of the utmost importance to us.”

Yeah deep consideration weeks before his son was kidnapped. Like the kidnapping of the 2 Americans in Iraq, this one seems timed perfectly.

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