Bush Prepares for Trip to Latin America

He talked of grinding poverty and called it “a scandal” that democracy and capitalism have not delivered more to Latin Americans. The working poor need change, he declared. He invoked Simon Bolivar, the “great liberator,” and vowed to “complete the revolution” and bring true “social justice” to the region

Hugo Chavez? No, George W. Bush.

As he prepares to embark on a six-day trip to Latin America this week, the president is launching a new campaign to compete with Chavez for the region’s hearts and minds, employing language mirroring the Venezuelan leader’s leftist populism but rooted in traditional American conservatism. After six years of focusing elsewhere in the world, Bush in his final two years wants to convince the nation’s neighbors that, as he put it yesterday, “we care.”

Watch out, Latin America: ‘we’ care!

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