Talk about the fox guarding the chicken coop…

Of course it had dropped out of the news by the end of the day, but this morning it was reported on BBC that among the purported ‘guards’ of the shrine at Samarra were “American contractors’.

It’s something how an attack on a symbol can fill one with grief, all of the grief and horror of the past 4 years, what am I talking about, of the past 16 years, contracted to a single point. Such a wondrous place, all blue and gold, created out of human impulses long forgotten by us. We are incapable of comprehending or manifesting such beauty.

But as we demonstrate again and again, more than capable of obliterating it.

Who did it?
‘Al Qaida’? That would be us.
Blackwater mercenaries? Us.
‘Elements of Iraqi security’? Us.
However you slice it.


One Response to “Talk about the fox guarding the chicken coop…”

  1. circle Says:

    the cnn report fromtpage article said that the two towers were blown up and that it was an inside job(actual words).

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