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November 21, 2018, 03:44:21 PM
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Author Topic: Immortal Technique in Africa  (Read 5282 times)
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« on: May 27, 2007, 04:30:15 PM »

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Immortal Technique… May31st – Casablanca, Morocco.

Northern Africa, Morocco, if you're there on Thursday May31st I'll see you out there. I would like to thank the people of that Northern region that have proved themselves to be huge supporters of this Revolutionary movement that began for me so long ago. I remember when I first released Revolutionary Vol.1 before September 11th I would have niggaz I knew even from back in my criminal days question what I was doing. Some brothers supported me and even in that turbulent time rode with me to the death but a few fake fucks used to tell me that I was talented at writing rhymes and should just make more commercial music. That all I should be interested in doing is the same type of music that other people were doing, in order to be successful. They said I should just keep it on that street hardcore style (which I always have), but that I should remove the politics completely. I refused, I challenged all standards, for everyone that spoke to me about the flaws of Communism, even though I was not one, I showed the imperfection and the drastic damage that privatization and globalization had caused my people. "It's the best system we have invented so far" is the answer of a young person who has not understood the history of political development and the very nature of power consolidation. I had people come to me and say that they loved the music I made and that I was doing the right thing, and then there would be people that would nit pick, saying I should alter these politics, or not use this word or that one. Now there is a secret campaign of propaganda to rewrite Latin America's history and they even have brainwashed young kids asking me if Che is a murderer then why are people wearing shirts with him on that... Fuck that. I got the Che Guevara Bulletproof Vest so fuck a t-shirt nigga, I know what he symbolizes and I understand people's imperfections. La Sociedad de Antes from the 50's that people glamorize in Cuba was a racist quasi apartheid state that served the mafia and the US military like a whorehouse economically, politically and quite in the literal sense.

(Reclaiming Che Article coming soon)

I would answer that there is no hero, no war president, no general that the US venerate who has not killed anyone. George Bush hero of the Latino Right wing is responsible for the deaths of more people in Iraq a country the size of Texas than died in 20 Cuban Revolutions. And after the American Revolution any royalist supporters of the King were persecuted mercilessly something that is torn from the front page of history and purposely footnoted in the deepest archives. Why Abraham Lincoln and George Washington killed more people than Fidel, el Che & all his Rebel columns could have ever dreamed of. Comparing your personal political agenda in a stretching analogy only takes away from the point you are trying to make but I will be please to make that distinction for you homie.

I also argued tirelessly with the leftists as well saying that a simple Revolution such as anything we have seen in Latin America or anywhere cannot be the end result of our action. In the vacuum of a power source there will always arise an opportunist before a man of a the people to take central the command and power of the nation and its wealth. We must guard ourselves from that. I have always challenged the view that traditional Marxism was the answer to our problems. The designs of white Europeans have governed our people enough don't you think? Spanish, Portuguese, British and French rule through the Catholic Church (that unlike the convenient memory of Pope Benedict reflects) was and IS responsible for enacting, co-signing and relegating with the recipient of the direct benefit of our subjugation and the destruction of our culture. And hen the American Empire came and ushered in it's economic enslavement of our people, to which many of the rich, upper middle class overwhelmingly white minority of people who had always kept Latin America's population in bondage negotiated for our land once again. All the while the people suffering and fighting for freedom, but to what avail only to be branded as Godless or as Communists for fighting the very enemy of democracy which was US controlled dictatorships. We have to define our own Revolution and to not put it within the limited framework of an idea from the earl 20th century. The Red Book cannot answer our problems just like the bible cannot explain to someone how to build a space shuttle. We must become the masters of our own destiny and stop living by someone else's design. The science of Revolution is in everything, in music, in life, in the very blood we pump.

Then I heard that the independent game had no money, in 2000 people told me In was nuts for pressing up my own shit. Or they were condescending about my plans. People told me only commercial niggaz made bread, but it was always the other way around. They said without sponsors you couldn't go on the road, I've toured with everyone from Wu-Tang, Nas, KRS1, dead prez, Talib Kweli, Non Phixion to name a few and I never had a sponsor. This 2007 Rock the Bells many prospective sponsors failed to commit, some even admitted to me that it was because of the political nature of what I do and it being a "difficult time" in the media to associate with people that push the envelope. But they will give a garage band white kid emo-pop, punk rock group that burns the American flag on stage sponsor money. I guess they just find that when it's Latino and Black people that question the system it either is too dangerous or doesn't carry the validity that a privileged group of suburban rockers does into the realm of political discourse. But I never needed sponsors before and it is always the people of all races, of all backgrounds, of all religions that have soldiered for us on the road. Regardless of what the case may be. I found other ways to make the Rock The Bells tour work, and on the Invasion Tour and the West Coast Tour or East Coast excursions I have always found myself depending on me and my fam.

And now here I am about to travel to Africa to perform at one of the biggest festivals in Northern Africa, headlining one of the stages and traveling through the country to meet with Revolutionary brothers and sisters that will exchange information about the struggle and working ideas to better the community and build a stronger international bond. In the coming years I hope to do that more and more the same way I build a solid amount of people in the UK, in the Middle East, among Soldiers serving in Iraq, among people in Latin America and even Canada that I'm sorry to say people probably won't get to see me this Rock The Bells tour in Vancouver or Toronto because of the legal issues. But I made it this far and it is yet the beginning, soon I will unleash the Green Lantern mixtape, and then The Middle Passage.

So to all the nay sayers and doubters, the real haters, not people with opinions about music but people who truly were on some trying to bring me down because of my Revolutionary ideas shit. I have triumphed without you, without your consent, without your support, without your aid, without your rules, and without the constraints of your primitive imagination. This wasn't a marketing scheme this wasn't a ploy to sell records pussy I have proved that with my dedicated work over the years.

I am a rebel soldier that is truly free whereas the nation of my residence reviles the freedom of other nation to make the same decisions. The Democrats bulked at a Pull out date in the billions they gave Bush for war. Instead they (democrats) made some stipulations about certain benchmarks the Iraqi government needed to meet before they were given the money and the troop support of their corrupt CIA trained police.

The first benchmark was the privatization of Iraqi Oil…

In other words the 2nd largest Oil resource in the world being sold to American Oil interests or a faction corporation of theirs that will control it for them. In other words they face complete subservience to foreign rule in every single aspect.

This is a war, not just there but here and everywhere as of late, the world is approach Revolution as it sees it's gatekeepers and no longer believes the words they speak Even as they invoke the spirit of Christ to push people to support their cause because of abortion issues or because our "enemies" are of another religion. Truth filters through their ears, and they would only deny themselves to deny the truth of what it is.

I picked a side from day one, the side of the people the side La Revolucion, to change how we see ourselves and what we are capable of achieving. And to those that stood in my way who have been crushed and set aside. I would like to let you know before I step on the plane to go oversees, in this life or the next I'll still be doing what I do and politely telling you to go fuck yourself.

Honor & Discipline,


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