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November 15, 2018, 07:36:14 AM
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Author Topic: Space, Time, and Us by Mirza Beg  (Read 3107 times)
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« on: April 03, 2005, 11:58:19 PM »

A Haiku

Space knows no bounds

Time unending - infinity to infinity

Live in the Ultimate Mind

A Poem

Galaxies, receding in space

Red shift, evincing an expanding Universe

One universe or many, or just fluttering "Branes"

Stretching the limits of language

Challenging the limits of mind

Space, eleven dimensions, or more, or none

Matter is energy, smaller than smallest vibrations,

Rhythms of enormous energy

From the Being of limitless mind

Of infinite dimensions


Time, will it end? Did it begin,

Eleven billion years ago with a Big Bang

Or Branes bumping in cosmic ballet

On Earth, a mere 4.6 billion years

Perhaps an illusion, "Maya",

Relativity's snare through gravitons,

The curvature of space and time

Turning tomorrows into yesterdays

Forever it was, forever it will be

A Mobius strip in the Infinite Mind


Earth, our cradle in blue sheathing,

Light and warmth, a gift from the Sun

A speck in the vastness

History imprinted in rocks,

Era by era, separated by convulsions

From Azoic, the time before life

Through the intricacy of evolution

To us, with a consciousness of being,

With a longing for the ultimate love

And avarice for weapons of annihilation


Life span, a unit of time, from birth to death

Counted in years, days and seconds

Linear flow, imprisoned in perishable bodies

And expansive minds in transient brains

That cast an inward glance, eyes closed

Revealing timeless horizons, a universe within

Relationships, a dance of inner branes

Meeting and parting, in ecstasy or sorrow

Indelible secret memories, love and loss

Confined in personal, ephemeral universe


Eternity logs universes of mortal neurons

Of hubris, of wars of twisted religions

Pining for Armageddon,

Praying for evil, in hopes of elusive good

Hate begets hate, a vicious hell

But myriad deeds of kindness,

For the love of creation, by the created

Overcomes greed and hate,

Transcend the bounds of space and time,

To lead to the Infinite Mind, and endure.
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