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October 23, 2018, 11:59:37 PM
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Author Topic: MalcolmX banned from a Black Movement?  (Read 3507 times)
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« on: May 09, 2005, 05:40:02 AM »

Or have I misoverstood Ayinde?

I do understand that my position as an African American puts me in a different position than Carribean Black folks.

I understand that ya'll had some strange stuff going on there where they elevated light skinned blacks over dark skinned blacks.

Yet in America, it is a wee bit different with our 1 drop rule.

MalcolmX a Blackman with red hair would be banned from being in the Rasta Leadership because he was lightskinned?

One can imagine white people being banned but when someone gets to talking about Black people with lightskin, it starts to become what we in America call "colorism".

Dr. Francis Welsing who wrote the definitive book on Global White Supremacy banned from leadership in the Rasta movement?

Angela Davis American activist who spent years in prison being chased by whites, banned from Rasta leadership?

Ayinde asked in his piece: Tell me how GWS [global white supremacy] could effect a lightskinned person more than it could affect an dark-skinned person.

Here is his answer:

1. American towns used to advertise the fact of the Mulatto and Quadroon whores. So there was a form of sexual slavery that belongs to the unique history of 'lightskinned black women'.

2. Lightskinned children used to be whipped to death and specially tortured by white mistress's who knew that these children were their husbands children.

3. Lightskinned blacks were whipped and killed in greater numbers for being caught reading and being feared as teaching the other blacks to read.

4. Lightskinned free blacks were put out of America and sent to Liberia, where a horrible light skinned versus darkskinned black system broke out.

Those are two pains at least which could not be shared in by dark skinned blacks. And in America lightskinned blacks shared in ALL of the other pains of slavery, etc.

I can not imagine a Black movement that would not allow Frederick Douglas into leadership.

In my opinion and in the general opinion of all African American activists, that is pure colorism.

It is not a sign of your Blackness but more a witness to your Eurocentricism.

Eurocentric thinking says: Either/Or.

African Thinking says: Both/And.

This is pure ignorance on either my part or your part. I ask for forgiveness now, if you have a different situtation there in Jamaica or Rastaland. I do understand from reading Frantz Fanon's book: Wretched of the earth, that you guys have something of a light skinned versus darkskinned society.

In America, we know we are all Niggers to them. We even have the 1 drop law, to prove it. We consider any attempt to divide us as more of a weapon.

I know nothing about the Rasta movement and frankly have no interest in knowing about it's spirituality as I am a Christian and do not smoke weed, anymore.

I know this though. I am black and have always been black. I will fight to the death anyone trying to tell me I am not black and that I did not experience as great oppression as they did. My lightskinnedness did not give me one ounce of privledge. Possibly because I brownskinned not yellow. So there is no mistakening me for any other thing than a Black Person.

How Ayinde wants to do it with light versus dark must be geographic specific.
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