Why Sudan?

by Karen Kwiatkowski lewrockwell.coml
By this time, we have all learned a lot about the current Bush administration, its predecessors and sadly, its successors. Letís review.

Oil is important to Washington.

Leverage of oil production and policies is important to Houston and New York, and Washington.

Illusions of national financial security must be maintained, at all cost.

Holy worship of the Federal Reserve and cultish market obsession with the mental and physical health of Alan Greenspan is “a good thing.”

Propaganda works even better in the information age than before it. Before TV and Internet, people tended to believe their own eyes and trust their own experience. Today, we consume without assessment massive amounts of “government” and other misinformation.

Americans like to be good guys, doing “good things.”

Using these “rules” one may explain Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, neo-conservatism, much of the American left, and of course, Sudan and the recent bill passed by the House “Declaring genocide in Darfur, Sudan.” full articlel

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