Nations eye Africa’s oil supply***Analysts urge steps to avoid corruption

by John Donnelly
JOHANNESBURG — The world’s growing demand for oil and the fears of supply interruption is expected to force the United States and other nations to increasingly rely on another volatile region — central and western Africa.

Several sub-Saharan African nations, notably Nigeria and Angola, are in the early years of an extended oil boom that could supply the United States with 20 percent of its imported oil in the next decade, analysts predict.

But analysts warned in recent interviews that the United States and other nations, and multilateral groups such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, should insist the countries publish oil receipts and how they spend that windfall. Otherwise, massive unrest may follow and billions of dollars of oil wealth will continue to be snatched by a corrupt few. full article
O yeah. A bunch of great white fathers wagging their fingers about African corruption, when they promote it and literally bank on it. Please. This core notion that the US and Europe are ‘the light of the world’ is on display everywhere. A ‘moral’ justification for corporate piracy.

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