Iraq conflict ‘must not deter UK’

The UK must not shy away from trying to resolve international crises despite the “terrible misadventure” in Iraq, a report from charity Oxfam argues.

It warns that it would be disastrous if the country was put off sending troops to future humanitarian crises like those seen in Sierra Leone and Kosovo.

Really. Lord forbid the world should be spared further acts of British ‘charity.’

2 Responses to “Iraq conflict ‘must not deter UK’”

  1. zeech Says:

    British Charity!
    Gosh, baba that too cruel that I laughed inspite of the hurt. Oxfam is a sign of the Sell Out Times (Uk Socialist Labour party now just a consumer party etc), just want to say Oxfam once use to bust a move. In the 80’s, they inititated boycots against Nestles and other multinationals! Yes, Oxfam as there no Ralph Nader in UK. Oxfam really did raise some hell back in the day that Conservative (political party a little right of Genhis Khan) started asking questions about their role as a charity.
    But as they say England is too coool for any heart – no matter how big – to beat for long.

  2. Darrell Davis Says:

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